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Self-lining bag 1 I’ve come to Hyderabad and am going to meet some friends. There’s a kid’s birthday party today, so I finally added buttons to the spike stitch cardigan, as well as a bottom and seams to the self-lined purse that was mostly done last year, begun in June! That’s a couple more UFOs down. I’ve promised myself my luggage going back to Vizag will be lighter (got a few more things to make on my list).Spike stitch cardigan

Pattern details:

Yarn: Local acrylic, partly from Begum Bazaar in Hyderabad (purple), and partly from Shillong (white).

Hook: Dang. Crystalite orange…5.50 mm

Pattern: Bernat
Time: Not too long, actually, might add up to a couple of days.
Size: 28″ around and 14″ long. I’m hoping it will fit my friend’s toddler.

Extra: #1 The pattern has you make the back and the front pieces separately. I started off that way, but decided to frog and redo the entire body in one piece up to the armholes, then finish the back and fronts individually. That sort of ensured I’d actually finish the thing. I just added the different stitch counts together.

Now the other UFO (this is more of a UFO than the cardigan, really). The self-lined bag had been finished bar the seaming and sewing the button. So naturally I dawdled. Now I want to give this to the same friend with the birthday kid, so I finished it last night. I hope she likes it. It looks a bit homemade…

Self-lining bag 2

Pattern details:

Yarn: Unknown acrylic, probably RH or Mainstays, that I got in a recycling contest from Crochet Partners.

Needles: 3.75 mm Pony circulars

Pattern: Lion Brand
Time: Six months? (ouch!)
Size: 6.5″ x 3″ x 10″ Pretty much close to the size in the pattern. Wow!

Extra: #1 Used plastic canvas to line the bottom.

#2 Seaming is horrible, as usual.

#3 In a masochistic mood, I decided to do the I-cord on DPNs as recommended by the pattern, rather than use my trusty knitting knobby. Shudder. Unsurprisingly, it took me ages to reach the target of 20 miles 45″.

In book news (I always go berserk reading when I come here), I bought myself Alexander McCall Smith’s The Sunday Philosophy Club, my first Isabel Dalhousie book. I’ve read his 44 Scotland Street and The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency and liked both. But I’m saving this book up to read on the journey back or in Vizag. Instead, I’ve been reading some books borrowed from the British Council Library.

I read Donna Leon‘s Uniform Justice and found a gem in it about mothers-in-law. Unfortunately, I forgot to jot it down, but it seemed so apt. I find the attitudes of the Italians as described by Leon very similar to Indian attitudes. The way corruption is tolerated, accepted as a fact of life, the view taken of policemen and politicians and the inter-city prejudices. I’ve always liked the Italians for the two-governments-per-year policy they appear to have 😀 They’re fun and goodlooking! And I found Italian easiest to learn of all the foreign languages I’ve learnt. Plus I admire the ancient Romans, too (for their engineering and architecture). No idea why an American writer living in Italy has books in the British Library, though.

I finished Ruth Rendell‘s To Fear a Painted Devil, which is a murder mystery (as opposed to some of the psychological thrillers Rendell has written). Vintage, although not an Inspector Wexford story. Nobody can beat British women writers of mystery. In English, anyway.

Now I’m reading another Leon, Death at La Fenice. It’s taking me somewhat longer to read these books than it used to, because of so many diversions and the crafting and shopping and things in the background (like kids being shouted at, the TV and radio). Ah well. It isn’t a race 🙂

In case anyone was wondering (why would they?), this is how far I've come with my pink sweater (watermelon, actually):


Can't give you inches or centimetres.  But it is now heavy enough to tire my fingers. That's one of the disadvantages of knitting something in one piece, I suppose. Wouldn't it be nice to have circulars to take the weight off?

Also, having to work the front and the back with two different strands, and having only one skein, I decided to burn the candle at both ends and use both the inner end and the outer end. This is fine, except as the skein got used up, it is now collapsing on itself and creating a mess. Besides which, it won't be enough to finish this thing, anyway. 

The end product will also be good for some weirdly proportioned child, I think. The charts I find online are not very helpful.

End of lame excuse list. 

Or…never frog a chenille!

Here is my progress so far on what I hope will become a hat from the Bernat chenille I got from Grace in August (for June CAT).

This thing is striping, but I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if manufacturers included information on how many sts would make a symmetric striping? So if we wanted symmetry, we’d follow the sts or else not…

But, the yarn absolutely dies if it’s frogged…Serious, I’ve had clumps of the stuff shedding on me…

Wanted: Someone with a head small enough for 85 yards of chenille! Finders will be suitably rewarded.

Cordelia is having a WIP & UFO Busting week and wants partners in crime…Any takers? Go on, go and join her!

This is the Shamrock doily for my doily_of_the_month Yahoo! group. Remember what I told you earlier about running out of thread just before I finished? This is the result.

And this is what I would have to buy to finish it:

Uh-huh! I don’t think so!

Originally uploaded by MrsFife.

Here is a new thread project I started, a Ribbed Beret pattern for my nephew who is going to be celebrating his 5th birthday soon. If you read the original pattern, I’m sure you’ll decide I’m crazy, because the yarn and gauge and stuff are totally different, but hey, what do you do when you live in a different country and climate yet are bitten by the crochet bug? You adapt!

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