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Pink progress

In case anyone was wondering (why would they?), this is how far I've come with my pink sweater (watermelon, actually):


Can't give you inches or centimetres.  But it is now heavy enough to tire my fingers. That's one of the disadvantages of knitting something in one piece, I suppose. Wouldn't it be nice to have circulars to take the weight off?

Also, having to work the front and the back with two different strands, and having only one skein, I decided to burn the candle at both ends and use both the inner end and the outer end. This is fine, except as the skein got used up, it is now collapsing on itself and creating a mess. Besides which, it won't be enough to finish this thing, anyway. 

The end product will also be good for some weirdly proportioned child, I think. The charts I find online are not very helpful.

End of lame excuse list. 

1 thought on “Pink progress

  1. Oh we wonder, alright, my girl! Why else would I visit, watermelons in mind??
    Circulars are indeed better for the weight. But sometimes the sheer tedium of getting the stitches past the niggling joins between the metal and the plastic makes me prefer the weight of the straights.

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