Well, the fabled bookstore did open as scheduled. Sigh. Not a single book on anything related to yarn. No knitting, no crochet. What few craft books there were, were nicely wrapped in plastic to discourage greedy browsers, probably, from getting their dirty noses into them.

Lots of Guides to Organic Chemistry, and Management though, and almost an entire floor taken up with tacky "gift items" for sale. What can I say, we are very studious and like storing our memories in garish photo frames flanked by artificial flowers that hurt your eyes to look at, which are anyway bespectacled because of hours spent poring over the aforementioned Guides.

As a consolation, I bought myself A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

Oh, and they didn't have sofas and chairs to sit on, either. 

Hey, I just discovered Bryson has a new book coming out in October. Yippee. 

Question: Why does none of the websites have the cover for A Walk that my copy does? Strange.