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Life is cruel

This is the Shamrock doily for my doily_of_the_month Yahoo! group. Remember what I told you earlier about running out of thread just before I finished? This is the result.

And this is what I would have to buy to finish it:

Uh-huh! I don’t think so!

3 thoughts on “Life is cruel

  1. I looked but I do not have this color – perhaps someone at crochetville has it and can send you enough to finish? Try posting a plea for help in the thread section – you never know!

  2. Wellllll…Actually, I think I just need to get out of the house and to the shop where I got it the first time, and they should have the colour. It’s just the principle of the thing, buying a whole new ball just for a couple of inches of stitches!

  3. It may be a couple of inches of stitches, but you never know what else you might need it for later on. Perhaps you will do a project that requires nice green leaves? Or, perhaps, (and I’m not a member of Crochetville) one of the Crochetville members might have some in another color to trade? Murphy’s Law states, “The moment you get rid of it, you will find a need for it.”

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