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Evening shawl

Something’s funny somewhere. Like I said, the batwing pattern gave me major headaches, so this was a picture before I set out to deconstruct it and turn it into this:

And then into this:

Ta-da! Hopefully this one will actually be finished.
PS I would really appreciate if someone would tell me what to call this sort of yarn.

4 thoughts on “Evening shawl

  1. Have fun with this pattern ! I am about 1/4 of my way done with mine! I like how easy it works up – although I have had to frog it about 4 times because I realized that I missed something a few rows back – oops! 🙂 I have issue talking on the phone and crocheting at the same time! Sorry – can not help you on what the yarn is – its very pretty though!

  2. Sorry, I’m clueless on the yarn but what you turned it into is GORGEOUS!!! I hope I get that good someday!

  3. Looks like pompadour yarn to me. Yarn with a twist of shiny rayon.

  4. So is it pompadour yarn? I will surf around and see. That’s the trouble with buying yarn in unlabelled hanks, but it works out way cheaper. 😉
    And perhaps this wool goes out as exports as well (or is it imported in bulk and then sold piecemeal in India? I haven’t the vaguest!)
    I always assumed the yarn must be made in our colder states or something…

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