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Thanks, Andrea

Hijacking an idea from Soapbox, here is my very own graph of the week for page statistics: I love her blog by the way. She sounds like so much fun, it makes my morning to read her entries.
To analyse my graph, the visits apparently peaked on 14 June, which was the day I made my new poll———–> so if you haven’t voted yet (which I think you haven’t, because only 3 people have voted so far) please vote now!!!. It also appears that my readers visit my blog only every other day a la the White Queen (You can have jam only every other day).
And, 95% of my visitors came looking for Denise Augostine. Well, whatever works! I hope they found her.
Disclaimer: Since my blog only has about 3 readers, I urge you not to take any of the above analysis seriously. 😀

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Second poll up

After the successful conclusion of the first historic poll on this blog, we now have a successor: a poll on changing colours. Do cast your vote today: ——>

Update:Sheila, I can’t think what the problem might be with your not being able to see my poll! Forgive the silly question, but I suppose the sidebar doesn’t simply disappear to the extreme right and maybe you’ll find it if you scroll? **Sorry** Tell me what browser you use….but you’re the techie!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be soon able to see it and vote.
If anyone else has problems seeing my sidebar, please write in and tell me!

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Smart yarns patterns

I was reading from Bloglines and I came across The Wicked Stitch, a blog which no longer seems to exist, sadly. Anyway, she was complaining about not being able to access the Smart Yarns patterns anymore. Apparently they are making these knit & crochet patterns available at the link below:
Solutia Acrilan Acrylic Fiber
Hurry, because they will only be available till September 1, 2005.