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Help, anyone!
For the past couple of days all I see on my Bloglines list on this blog is “The user name you are using does not allow sharing of subscriptions.” What on earth is that supposed to mean? I can read all my subscriptions on my bloglines feed page fine, and they are all still marked as “public” so what is happening here???? I like the look of the bloglines feed, but my only problem is that they don’t have adequate help on their site, and I haven’t found “error messages” anywhere so I can check what’s happening…

I’ve been wanting a way to put up polls on my blog which had a nice clean interface, and thanks to The Crochet Dude, Drew, I’ve now found one. I’ve created a fairly silly inaugural poll, so please vote now! Yes, this means YOU!
On another note, I find for some reason my Bloglines subscriptions are not being shown and all i get is a funny message saying “…” well, just check it out at the the right and let me know if you can see them.

I seriously have to finish that shawl or else it will be shunted off to yet another foster parent. So I’m now going to shut down my computer and get a-hooking (it isn’t as bad as it sounds!

Guess what! My neighbour was cleaning up her attic and found these books: What’s better, she’s given them to me!!!

They seem to be both published in 1974, the year I was born.

We had cocktails a few days ago, just Sridhar and I, and he made both of these: I couldn’t resist the spectacle.

The Dutch cemetery in Bheemunipatnam (Bhimli for short) about 20 km from Vizag. Actually there seem to be as many British graves there as anything else. There used to be a Dutch colonial settlement in Bhimli. It is a sleepy fishing village with a lovely mostly unspoiled beach, if you don’t mind the garish mermaid installations.

Just outside our flat, down the road. And it is not an uncommon sight at all!

Something’s funny somewhere. Like I said, the batwing pattern gave me major headaches, so this was a picture before I set out to deconstruct it and turn it into this:

And then into this:

Ta-da! Hopefully this one will actually be finished.
PS I would really appreciate if someone would tell me what to call this sort of yarn.

How does this look for a baby set? It’s so cute…..Good thing I decided to check out the Crochetville forums before signing off!

Ok, people. I am going to take a grip on myself and start crocheting, instead of mooning over the computer all day every day! Seriously, I have to finish this shawl for my aunt who will be visiting from Houston next week, and maybe make a baby set for my cousin’s daughter (Maybe I’ll knit that one…hmm). Then there is the Member’s choice doily for May for the doily_of_the_month Yahoo group that I haven’t even sniffed yet, plus a host of other things begun and left to founder…Good thing I don’t have a WIPs list or I would forever be updating that!
I must say I’m finding the Batwing shawl a bit tough, the pattern is proving difficult to read, so I haven’t broken it down yet into the *repeat* morsel yet.
Meanwhile I’ve been surfing merrily into fanlistings, the making of, the hosting of and the tearing out of hair about…Not too much progress, as there are far too many balls in the air for me right now and I have a feeling something’s going to crash soon.
Will keep you posted.

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