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Help with Bloglines

Help, anyone!
For the past couple of days all I see on my Bloglines list on this blog is “The user name you are using does not allow sharing of subscriptions.” What on earth is that supposed to mean? I can read all my subscriptions on my bloglines feed page fine, and they are all still marked as “public” so what is happening here???? I like the look of the bloglines feed, but my only problem is that they don’t have adequate help on their site, and I haven’t found “error messages” anywhere so I can check what’s happening…

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  1. That is strange and I haven’t encountered a lot of that. The couple of times I did, it was because the person either a) had a private journal or b) keeps a webpage that she posts entries to. Maybe Bloglines needs to do some maintenance.
    I am curious…your sidebar shows up when I first load your journal then, when its completely loaded, your sidebar disappears on me. It has been happening since about yesterday morning.

  2. I’ve seen that happen before, and it usually turned out to be bloglines having technical difficulties or down for maintenance. Best suggestion when that happens is just to try again later.

    Cute blog! I’ll have to go check out your poll, see if I can help, tee hee!

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