Dutch cemetery in Bhimli

The Dutch cemetery in Bheemunipatnam (Bhimli for short) about 20 km from Vizag. Actually there seem to be as many British graves there as anything else. There used to be a Dutch colonial settlement in Bhimli. It is a sleepy fishing village with a lovely mostly unspoiled beach, if you don’t mind the garish mermaid installations.

2 thoughts on “Dutch cemetery in Bhimli

  1. Any idea how far back the stones date to? I dabble in genealogy and love to walk through cemeteries – particularly the old ones and admire the stones. My father’s ancestors came to America from Germany in 1690 and even through the mid-1800’s the headstones are in German. Of course, I took French in school….:o(

  2. Well, since I didn’t check out all the stones, I can’t really say. But there some fairly recent ones, as well, which surprised me a little since the British left India quite a while ago 🙂
    Like I said, a lot of them were British rather than Dutch. I’ll look more carefully the next time I go there. And maybe take pictures. A lot were of people who died in their 20s. Sad.

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