Finished Sweater for cousin’s baby. Don’t ask about the buttons. Pattern from 1960’s Fleisher pattern book. Made matching booties also, but forgot to take a picture. 😦
Believe me, it is the same sweater, the colour looks different because…well, just because! I can’t really say which one looks most like the original: I’d say they both do, coming from opposite sides of the spectrum.:D

Here is the back:

This was the back with one front done:

Update: Oops! I deleted your comment, Sheila. Never mind. I read it and that is what is important, right?! Anyway, as I had said in my reply to your comment, the sweater didn’t take very long to make at all, which is why I love using crochet rather than knit for kidswear. To paraphrase someone on the Net, I have the attention span of a gnat, so anything larger or which takes longer to finish gets either frogged or trashed. ;0