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Second poll up

After the successful conclusion of the first historic poll on this blog, we now have a successor: a poll on changing colours. Do cast your vote today: ——>

Update:Sheila, I can’t think what the problem might be with your not being able to see my poll! Forgive the silly question, but I suppose the sidebar doesn’t simply disappear to the extreme right and maybe you’ll find it if you scroll? **Sorry** Tell me what browser you use….but you’re the techie!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll be soon able to see it and vote.
If anyone else has problems seeing my sidebar, please write in and tell me!

3 thoughts on “Second poll up

  1. Boohoo! I can’t see your poll!!! Your sidebar is still having the problem for me it shows up briefly until the page loads in its entirety then it disappears!

  2. I found it. For whatever reason, it drops down….oh…let me just send you a screen shot of what it looks like. It’s too difficult to explain! ps – I was able to vote!

  3. Blogger does that sometimes, it has to do with the wide of your posts or something like that (when I used blogger if I had a pic that was to wide the side bar would drop down, )

    I was voter #7!

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