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Pineapple Fan Chair set – New WIP

Ok, a new WIP! As threatened in one of my earlier posts, I have taken up the Pineapple Fan chair set. I’m working on it with size 20 Anchor thread in white (rather than the size 30 recommended in the pattern), and here is how it looked at one point in the afternoon yesterday:

It has since moved on, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet.

Size 20 seems to be the most popular gauge around here. Which reminds me, thank you to all 3 yes 3 voters in my poll so far (on the right somewhere). I now know that 3 people have at some point of its life or other, read my blog!!! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Pineapple Fan Chair set – New WIP

  1. Actually, Bloglines tells me you have 5 subscribers. They will come. You have such talent! I keep plugging you on my journal too!
    As always, the fan is beautiful! Wish I could participate in the poll but it wouldn’t be fair since I have only worked with one thread (#10) and haven’t worked with anything else to compare it to. Sorry!!!

  2. Do you have the pattern for the pineapple Fan crocheted chair set? Thank-you

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