Yes, I do! Although this my first knit show-and-tell since starting this blog, there was a time when I knit more than I crocheted….

Anyway, I had Cordelia’s DAOK Yarn Bee Wild Child Eyelash in Fiesta calling out to me and it looked like it would dazzle in knit rather than crochet, so I dusted off my needles (Gasp, I even had the recommended size 7/4.5mm!!!!).

While carrying on a conversation with Cordelia, I cast on 20 sts and stitched away in garter stitch to produce this creature:

Isn’t it beautiful? I keep expecting it to mew at me. I wish it would, too. (Weird colours for a feline, but who cares?!)

Later in the evening I had an epiphany and decided to make it a “keyhole” pattern. Therefore without much ado, I frogged back a few rows,, knit 8 st, BO (Bind off, silly) 4 st, knit 8 st for one row, then knit 8 st, CO (Cast on) 4 st, knit 8 st the next row. Voila! I now had a “hole”. Garter st the rest of the way….

At the end of the ball, I had 24 inches of furry pleasure…the only question is, who will it fit?! Round my neck, for example, it looks like this:

I cropped off the photo so you can’t see my tongue sticking out (just kidding!). Not to mention the hole seems to be rather unfortunately located, so the entire arrangment is lopsided. *sigh*

Can someone tell me what I could do?

1. Frog and store
2. Hats with fringe
3. Find a small funky child in desperate need of neck warmer

4. Any other suggestions you might give me

I love the yarn!!!!

Update: The keyhole has now been moved to a more comfortable place and now I can even breathe while wearing it. Only thing is, I’m still not funky enough for it. Maybe I will be when I grow up…

Noricum: How wide should a skinny scarf be? This one is 4 inches

Sheila: Yes I used the entire skein, not a cm left to talk about…I’d forgotten what colours the Cheshire cat was. Maybe I will keep this…