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Yay! I got my first Crochetville elfing for the Xmas wishlist in the mail today! Took 7 days to reach me (fast by some standards), but what yummy stuff!

Here is a pic:

The yarn is Made in Italy for Yarns Brunswick (the company seems defunct now), colours are Ocean Blue and Hollyberry. It’s a fuzzy brushed 100% acrylic. Yummy!

Also in the package were 4 different flavours of Lipton tea: Plain, Honey, Lemon Ginseng and Mixed Berry. Should I drink these cold or hot? I’m more a cold coffee/iced tea person….

One Hershey bar (in fridge right now for resuscitation after the long journey reduced it to pulp).

Two pattern sheets (for baby cardigan and Xmas runner), a recipe for caramel corn (what is Karo syrup?) and a handwritten greeting card from Mumbles, my elf!

Yay again! Sure feels good to know someone thought of me…

2 thoughts on “Elfed!

  1. Wow! Beautiful yarns! They look so fuzzy! Karo Syrup is corn syrup. Karo is a name brand in the States. The popcorn sure sounds tasty! Have fun with your goodies!

    ps – I have no idea about the tea.

  2. Oops… Sheila beat me.

    The tea is probably meant to be drunk hot, but will likely taste good if you brew it hot, and then put it in the fridge. I like a lot of teas that way.

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