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Baby sweater #x

Here is a baby sweater I finished two nights ago. It was washed yesterday. The yarn is a local acrylic that I bought in unlabelled hanks in Hyderabad. The pattern I adapted from Auntie M’s site, the Abigail sweater Link changed to Web Archive (so, it’s a girl’s name and my friend’s baby is a boy…so what? Stop asking me that question!!!!)
Abigail's sweater

I used a Pony brand 4.00mm hook in aluminium. I added a pattern repeat for the yoke since it was coming out way too small, and a couple of repeats for the body. Also, the sleeves as well.

Please tell me it isn’t too girly….

3 thoughts on “Baby sweater #x

  1. Cute! I think it’s not too girly. 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s too girly either. Besides, the baby will outgrow it within an hour or two anyhow so I really don’t think it matters much.

  3. I love this and am trying to make it and got stuck on row 7. Did you find the pattern a little vague?

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