RAOK…Maybe not so random…

It took 3 months, but they finally got to me!!! Yay! Cordelia sent me The Cereal Murders by Diane Mott Davidson, full of food and thrills.

Also included was an Annie’s Crochet issue full of kitten patterns…July August 1997! I may never make them, but I love the cats!

This package was mailed out on September 2, 2005 and reached me on December 5, 2005. Surface mail. Cordelia never lost hope, though I did.

So now there is one less package with my name littering outer space. Sad. 😉

Kimberley: I should have known a post about the post (pun, pun, pun) would bring you out of commenting hibernation…

Dude: I’m honoured you still follow my postings…

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  1. Awwww man! You beat my record of almost 2 months! *grin* Although someone hinted a few months back that they were sending me something and that has not shown up yet….I just might be able o beat your 3 months!

  2. Wow, it took the slow boat. How cool that it finally arrived though!!! I had a package that was to go to my dad from one state to the other and it ended up arrived months later with stamps from all over the world. Amazing!

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