Yes, even if it sounds unbelievable…Got back from a hectic road trip to the neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh on Sunday, and since then I’ve been busy with a course for radio announcers at All India Radio. Will put up pictures of the trip in my travel blog shortly, but here is one of the two FO’s from that trip:

Picture 085

The pattern is from Pineapple Crochet Designs ed. by Rita Weiss:

I used size 20 Red Heart thread in gray, and and and….a .95mm hook, if I remember rightly…A lot of ends to weave in on this one!
I also made a hat for a nephew, but forgot to take pictures…

ETA: I thought the pattern was from that book, but I can’t find it in that book now. So if anyone knows the actual source, please let me know? Thanks!