Also while I was away, I received my CAT PAC from Kat for the August CAT. And here are all the goodies she included:

My first ever Red Heart Super Saver, in Light Coral. Now I only have to figure out what to make with 8 oz/225 g of acrylic worsted weight yarn in a pale colour…

Picture 006

This pen:
Picture 005

These translucent markers:
Picture 004

These yarn needles (blunt-ended) from Boye:
Picture 003

My first ever Crystalite hooks from Red Heart, and you know what’s most ironic? They were made in India!!! Where oh where can I buy these here?
Picture 002

Another first, a skein of Peaches & Creme cotton yarn in a pleasant blue-green ombre:

Picture 001

I’ve used the Crystalites, not any of the other stuff yet. But I *loved* the PAC. Thank you so much, Kat!