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I realised I don’t usually show any UFOs here and wonder what it says about me (no, I don’t want to know, can’t you spot a rhetorical question?!)

So here is a UFO, a baby blanket I’m making for a friend’s new baby girl, born this September. I’m using the 8 oz skein of Red Heart Super Saver in Light Coral that I got for my August CAT PAC from Kat over at Crochetlist.


The pattern is from Angelcrafts, and you can find it here. The yarn is obviously Worsted Weight, and I’m using a K/6.5mm Boye hook. Instead of the 180 chain the pattern originally calls for, I chained 123 (don’t ask!) and that makes it about 30″ wide, which I reckon should be enough. I think I’ll work it to 30″ square, and then do an edging. Maybe not the one in the pattern, it’s too holey, which the blanket already is, anyway.

So if you have any ideas on nice 2-3 row edgings, please tell me.

And here are a pair of cute FOs! Booties for another friend’s baby, a boy this time:
Easy baby booties

The pattern is from Darcy Richardson, and very easy and quick. I finished this pair in just about 2 hours, with about WW yarn and a 3.50mm hook.

4 thoughts on “RH SS UFO & FOs

  1. The afghan is pretty. You could do a slip stitch around or do a row of sc and then do a chain 3, skip three chains, single crochet around.

  2. That afghan looks very cool. Can’t wait to see it finished! And the booties are too cute!

  3. Beautiful afghan. It looks so light and airy.–>

  4. […] left (I was knitting from opposite ends of the leftover skein). So I frogged and fell back on my favourite no-seam bootie pattern and would you believe it, I had just the right amount to weave in ends. I’m not totally […]

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