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Drop everything now. Your hooks, needles, thread, yarn, and run over to Drew’s blog. His gorgeous, gorgeous lacy stole is available as a free download now and it’s what I’ve been waiting for. Only, look at Drew’s version first, not the picture on the pattern page. His appears to be made of a lighter, thinner yarn, while the modelled one looks much lumpier thicker, and not as appealing. I don’t know what the story is behind that, but my vote goes to the one on The Crochet Dude’s blog. I’m swatching madly.

This was made in the 1920s by an aunt I never knew. She died when my mom was an infant. She apparently did a lot of crafts. I have to gather my courage to try and repair this. My eldest aunt gave it to me when we visited her last year. She also crochets and knits and taught my mom a lot of the crafts she does. My aunt also gave me a granny square doily made by my grandmom which I've given to my uncle. Posted by Picasa

Just had to blog about this here…At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we don’t get our yarns labelled for content/gauge here in India…So whenever I work with a pattern, I’m working on totally different materials and with a totally different hook as well. I’ve been encouraged by the posts of Sara

Gauge? Hook size? Feh! Who wants to live life so cautiously?

and Dee on this….

yes, I am crocheting without working up a gauge swatch first. Oh, the shame! I can see you’re swooning, feeling a bit faint from my confession, are ya? Go ahead, put a cool cloth on your forehead.

I am not alone! YAY!

So Cindy, you can add me to your list of gauge-defaulters.

My digital camera is not cooperating! I connect it as usual to the USB port and it isn't being recognised….I have so many pics to be loaded and this is really bugging me! The worst part is, it may be because of something I did. I was trying to remove some spyware I got with something I downloaded from the net.
Anyway, without visual aids, here is what I am upto crochet-wise:
1. One baby set (not the one from Crotiques whose picture I have below) from an old Fleischer pattern book, (my mother's) which has mostly knitting patterns otherwise. This is in a cream yarn.
2. One Batwing shawl. Grey yarn with some spangle running through it.

3. One Inspired Lace Scarf from Rebecca over at Crochetville Forums. Brown yarn with a maroon trace (sort of like shiny thread, but not quite).

As I write this I realise how illiterate I am when it comes to describing my hooks and needles. It does not help that much of the yarn I buy (or thread, for that matter) is not labelled comprehensively with composition, gauge etc. (complain….) So half the time I don't even know if it is cotton or wool I am working with. For all you experts out there, is there any way of making out whether a yarn is wool or acrylic or cotton without labels? Maybe I should post it on the forum.

I hereby disclaim ALL ORIGINALITY of pattern. I thought I’d better rush to disclaim all originality! My conscience was pricked by a kind comment left on my last blog by Drew Emborsky who used a six-letter word starting with ‘t’ and ending with ‘t’.
If you want to see some real ‘t—-t’ do visit his site! I guess I haven’t been clear enough in my posting, and people just might get the wrong idea about my abilities. 🙂

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