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My digital camera is not cooperating! I connect it as usual to the USB port and it isn't being recognised….I have so many pics to be loaded and this is really bugging me! The worst part is, it may be because of something I did. I was trying to remove some spyware I got with something I downloaded from the net.
Anyway, without visual aids, here is what I am upto crochet-wise:
1. One baby set (not the one from Crotiques whose picture I have below) from an old Fleischer pattern book, (my mother's) which has mostly knitting patterns otherwise. This is in a cream yarn.
2. One Batwing shawl. Grey yarn with some spangle running through it.

3. One Inspired Lace Scarf from Rebecca over at Crochetville Forums. Brown yarn with a maroon trace (sort of like shiny thread, but not quite).

As I write this I realise how illiterate I am when it comes to describing my hooks and needles. It does not help that much of the yarn I buy (or thread, for that matter) is not labelled comprehensively with composition, gauge etc. (complain….) So half the time I don't even know if it is cotton or wool I am working with. For all you experts out there, is there any way of making out whether a yarn is wool or acrylic or cotton without labels? Maybe I should post it on the forum.

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  1. Hello! My suggestion? Uninstall the software for the camera completely and then start over as if it were the first time installing it.

    Thank you so very much for that site for patterns! That was one I was not aware of and I love what she has to offer! If it weren’t for you, I would have not known of its existence. A million thanks!

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