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Who, me, swatch?!

Just had to blog about this here…At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we don’t get our yarns labelled for content/gauge here in India…So whenever I work with a pattern, I’m working on totally different materials and with a totally different hook as well. I’ve been encouraged by the posts of Sara

Gauge? Hook size? Feh! Who wants to live life so cautiously?

and Dee on this….

yes, I am crocheting without working up a gauge swatch first. Oh, the shame! I can see you’re swooning, feeling a bit faint from my confession, are ya? Go ahead, put a cool cloth on your forehead.

I am not alone! YAY!

So Cindy, you can add me to your list of gauge-defaulters.

3 thoughts on “Who, me, swatch?!

  1. LOL! Dawn (Wild Yarn) also added her name to the list.

    I really don’t know how to get rid of crickets. We have the same problem where I am.

  2. Swatch?? Whats that? LOL

  3. LOL…I’m afraid I don’t swatch much either. However, I’ve a good excuse. I make my own patterns. LOL

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