Near-death experience

Just joking. But I goofed somehow and eliminated much of my template code and all you could see when you visited my blog was a blank, black page….
But, being the clever girl that I am **pat, pat, pat my back** I immediately hollered at Crochetville and sure enough, a couple of **angels** helped me out. So normal service is resumed. Whew! That’s why I’m up long past my bedtime, and only about 300,000 of the half-million ends left to weave in on my current “elfin” project.
Thank you, CraftyCritter and Empress Busy Bee! You saved my life blog! Posterity will curse thank you!



  1. Yay! I came by earlier, and was sad that I couldn’t vote in your poll… and wasn’t sure how to contact you to tell you your blog was down. (I wasn’t sure if it was like that on all browsers.)

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