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Near-death experience

Just joking. But I goofed somehow and eliminated much of my template code and all you could see when you visited my blog was a blank, black page….
But, being the clever girl that I am **pat, pat, pat my back** I immediately hollered at Crochetville and sure enough, a couple of **angels** helped me out. So normal service is resumed. Whew! That’s why I’m up long past my bedtime, and only about 300,000 of the half-million ends left to weave in on my current “elfin” project.
Thank you, CraftyCritter and Empress Busy Bee! You saved my life blog! Posterity will curse thank you!

2 thoughts on “Near-death experience

  1. Yay! I came by earlier, and was sad that I couldn’t vote in your poll… and wasn’t sure how to contact you to tell you your blog was down. (I wasn’t sure if it was like that on all browsers.)

  2. Same here! I wanted to vote! Hey, you are so good at words, can you come up with a word for someone who knits and crochets?

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