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Unusual ribbing: Riverstone

Riverstone sweater

Here’s my Ravelry project page.

Yarn: Generic scratchy acrylic. (Don’t ask me why). It’s about DK weight, and I worked this sweater with two strands held together.

Needles: Size 6.00mm (US 10)

Pattern: Riverstone. It isn’t up yet on Ravelry (but you can see the designer’s Ravelry page for it here). I tested this pattern for Justine. I made the 12 mths size and really enjoyed the unusual construction. I wish I’d used better materials, though. Next time perhaps. Increases and decreases keep your interest going in the yoke area, while the body went pretty fast because I wanted to put on the buttons :p

Time: About ten days, but only because I got into a funk midway thinking I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish. In the end I had enough to finish, plus a good amount left over.

Size: 20″in the chest x 12″long unstretched. The ribs provide a lot of room for growth, although mine are possibly worked at too dense a gauge.

Extra #1 What is it about baby sweaters? I prefer them to babies, actually :p No feeding/cleaning.

#2 I’m very happy with the buttons, which I bought here in Cochin. I think they are coconut shell or wood.

#3 One more baby sweater and not an infant in sight.

Thank you everyone for the warm messages assuring me I am not boring you to death. I hadn’t meant my last post as a call for reassurance (more like an observation), actually, but you still made my day 🙂 You must really love me 😀

9 thoughts on “Unusual ribbing: Riverstone

  1. Love the sweater. Hope the pattern will be offered soon. It is an interesting construction.

  2. Such a nice color too for a baby! It’s not cloying and I can imagine a little one wearing it with almost anything.

  3. I like it very much, you made me laugh (alot) with the babies vs: sweaters thought. Vicki

  4. It’s a very unique design. I’d like to try it, too. Sorry you didn’t like the yarn choice!

    Hey, check it out, you won an award!

  5. Hmm, it ate my comment? I like the sweater. Very unique design; I’d like to try it myself.

    Check it out, you won an award:

  6. I saw this little thing on your Ravelry projects page and did think that it was unusual-neat-funky mashed up together. Turned out cute:)

    P.S: Of course we luuuurve you, you’re like the popular, witty girl in our class that everyone wants to hang out with!!!

  7. Oooo… neat sweater!

  8. I love the sweater and I love that you make baby sweaters without babies.
    I’ve always needed a particular recipient for my projects but know of no babies to knit for.

  9. Cute! And with that ribbing I can imagine a baby getting maximum wear out of it. It wouldn’t look like it was swimming in it when the sweater was still a bit large, and would still look good through quite a bit of growth.

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