Well, not really (more like a run-of-the-mill show and tell), but this one is a Debbie Bliss pattern, which I had an urge to make and providentially a CAT PAC arrived with some suitable yarn in it. I cast on almost as soon as I opened the package.

Ribbed baby jacket

Here’s my Ravelry project page.

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice. Another Red Heart Supersaver clone. Nothing to recommend it especially. I used about a skein and a half for this project.

Needles: Size 4.00mm (US 6) for the ribbed button band and 6.00mm (US 10) for the body of the sweater.

Pattern: Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss. (Ravelry link here). It is also available free here.

Time: Over two weeks. I think I took a while to weave in ends (so what else is new?), but otherwise it is a simple enough knit.

Size: 26″in the chest x 10.5″long

Extra #1 The stockinette does make it curve in at the bottom and cuffs, but I’m letting it be.

#2 Another reckless and pointless knit for me, no babies targetted, but I was compelled to make this one. I don’t know what it is about baby sweaters and me, but they draw me like a moth to the flame. You can learn new techniques without having to spend the rest of your life knitting on something. Also, they have no shaping, usually, and will fit some baby at some point. Now all I have to do is find some babies. (I’m happy to say I gave away my February sweater to my maid, who wanted it for her great-nephew. What use they will find for it in tropical Kerala, I do not know. But it lessens my baby sweater inventory by one).

#3 I’m happiest about the way I picked up stitches for the button band. Rather than picking them up in the last stitch of the exposed rows, I went behind them and picked up the stitches from the inner column. It made for a very neat finish, especially because I had a chain selvage (slip the first stitch of every row knitwise, knit the last stitch). So that was the learning from this thing. I wasn’t very happy about the picking up around the neck (instead of binding off as the pattern advised, I held the stitches on a spare circular). The whole “pick up evenly” thing continues to baffle me and reduce me to scrambling for closure. Otherwise the whole thing is an average project, nothing to write home about.

So why blog about it? Partly because my other projects are test ones which I cannot yet blog about. And partly to squeeze in another post before the end of this month.

I realise my blog has become rather dull and monotonous. Where’s the wit and variety gone, you must be wondering. Perhaps it’s just old age. Or something.

I stopped blogging about books, because I realised no one appears to share my taste in them/find anything new in what I say. And I really don’t feel the need to journal all the books I read. Which pretty much leaves me with only craft to write about. And since I usually don’t like showing works in progress, all you get nowadays are staccato essays following a rigid and predictable structure.

Which makes me grateful for the people who do continue to read. Thank you! I can’t describe the thrill I get out of seeing comments from you. Please continue to visit 🙂

Author: Swakrta

In love with sewing, weaving, crochet, and with bags and pouches and fabric. I love colour and pattern and texture. I love having my hands busy. Some day I hope my craft will become my day job.

13 thoughts on “Bliss”

  1. I know exactly what you mean about baby sweaters, though I rarely give in and make them. I do, though, love that you can try out new things without committing to a loooooong project when you knit them!

  2. I adore your blog!
    I’ve got plenty o’ baby sweaters in my favorites on ravelry. Now that summer is here, I may have time for them 🙂

  3. You are NOT dull.
    and I really like the baby jacket. I have looked at the Vanna’s choice yarn and wondered what it was like, thanks for letting us know.
    Keep knitting.

  4. I continue to visit. 🙂 And frankly, given how little time I seem to have these days, I really appreciate the infrequent bloggers. 😉

    I haven’t mailed (or blogged) your socks yet… I really must get them in the envelope and in the mail!

  5. Your blog is fine, I love it!

    I’ve been eyeing that pattern for a while and don’t know if I like it or not, but you did it justice. I like the color very much, too. Haven’t tried or desired to try the vanna white yarn yet.

    Comments are the best! They thrill me so, too. 🙂

  6. I love reading your posts!! Keep them coming:)

    I like your version of the ribbed jacket. I knit this a while back too and sadly it sits without getting any wear from my baby or being gifted away because I somehow knit the ribbed collar too tight and it makes the body of the sweater look all funny. Granted it could have been the yarn too – the sales person at the store I bought it from (on one of my yarn expeditions in Bangalore) swore it was baby “wool” and after knitting with it some and almost hearing it squeak on the needles, I realized it’s just plain old ACK-rylic!!

  7. What a fabulous baby sweater! Babies (and some of use adults) tend to curve around the bottom too so I think it will fit a little one perfectly. Boring? Are you serious? I love your blog.

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