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This one’s EZ

and so was the predictable pun, sorry!

February baby sweater

It is of course, the February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann from her Knitter’s Almanac. I found the book available on an Indian website and so I ordered it. I wasn’t sure I would get it, because some crochet book I ordered on a site once never got to me. The order was simply cancelled, because the book was out of stock. I don’t remember what it was. But after waiting for 6 weeks (and periodically checking the status of my order), I finally got it last Monday. I had to cast on immediately, of course because it was for this pattern I ordered the book in the first place! I had yarn left over from my Waffle Vest. Now that yarn is greyish blue while this pattern is a lace pattern, but I wasn’t too concerned about gender correctness. Nor do I have a target/victim in mind for it.

I was finished knitting by Friday although I must confess I still haven’t sewn on the buttons…they were a present from Cordi (hi, how’s the hibernation?), but did not photograph well. They are small bunnies (pinkish, but again, no gender concerns Chez Fife).

Here are the specs in the time-honoured format.

Yarn: The same acrylic that I used for my Waffle Vest. Regular baby yarn. About sport weight, I should think.

Needles: Unknown silvery circulars in 4mm (US 6). I think Heide gave me these. I really like them and they’re probably my most-used size/pair. The only issue is that the cable tends to curve in on itself, but that is manageable. Perhaps a spot of hot water treatment is called for?

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s February Baby Sweater on Two Needles (Ravelry link) from her Knitter’s Almanac (scroll down).

Time: 5 days (I dithered about sewing the seams and did a bad job anyway at the end)

Size: 21″ at the chest, 10.5″ long

Extra #1 I was surprised at the slimness of the book. I suppose I should have expected it from my copy of Knitting Without Tears (an amazing book sale find).

#2 The instructions for the sleeves puzzled me. I was first confused whether to cast on the extra 7 stitches on either side or not, but realised I should. Then when it came to picking up stitches to continue for the body, I confused myself about how to pick them up! I got the cast on stitches twisted, before realising that the extreme ends should be together, therefore you start picking up from the side of the cast on which is closer to the older stitches. Does that make any sense at all? It would probably help if you seamed the sleeves first, or if you did them in the round, thus eliminating the beginning of cast-on/end of cast-on confusion altogether

#3 My finishing as usual is horrendous, although I have improved the area under the armpits somewhat from how it looks in the picture. My picking up stitches for the body under the sleeves was also pretty bad.

#4 The lace pattern was extremely easy to memorise. Perhaps next time I shall actually challenge myself (imagine!) and choose another 7-stitch lace pattern. If there is a next time.

#5 I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever knit for a baby. (In the intent, if not in the execution).


Thank you everyone for the encouragement on my attempts at crochetising the BSJ. I have sent the project into temporary hibernation prior to what I realise must be inevitable ripping. Sigh. A friend is working with me on it and seems to be making better progress. I am wondering if I should perhaps use Pandaman’s stockinette adaptation instead of the original as a base, because the primary problem with the current oeuvre is the row gauge of sc rows versus garter rows. As far as I can understand it, of course. We shall have to see.

14 thoughts on “This one’s EZ

  1. It looks nice! Seaming on lacy projects is always difficult, isn’t it? I like the little bunny buttons. And I think it’s a very pretty color. Good job, Fife! 😉

  2. Oooh, oooh, I think this will fit me! What? It’s for a baby? Drat! The color and pattern are too gorgeous to be worn by someone who drools (technically that leaves me out too). No matter who receives this, he/she will be lucky indeed.

  3. How cute is your sweater! Love the color!

  4. That turned out beautifully! I just recently found out that my driver’s wife is expecting a baby and I am trying to decide what might be a nice thing to knit for them… That might be a possibility!

  5. The sweater looks great… The buttons are too cute.

  6. Adorable!

  7. That is beautiful! And truly, I think both the lace and the color would work equally well for a boy or girl baby.

  8. Hi, It looks lovely, I am attempting to knit it too. I have got myself confused from the bit tht reads at 4.5″, work 25 stitches (in pattern?)and cast on 7 at each end of them (14 in total?) and what is the best way to add them at the end… see how confused I am. If you have any help to offer, I would really appreciate it! Thanks Shelley.

  9. Totally CUTE!

  10. Great job! The sweater looks adorable. What are you talkin abt? It looks great to me!

  11. I like your’s so nice.

  12. Hey, which website did you buy the book from?

  13. The sweater looks lovely. 🙂

  14. […] ago. Then I got caught up in testing a couple of patterns, doing some work (my job) and distracted by other things, so the project languished a bit. I finally told myself off and picked it up again and […]

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