Even as a child I was a jealous and capricious pest. And that hasn’t altered one bit with passing years. So naturally when I saw that some of my friends had got together to make some lovely pineapple soap sachets, I had to make one too. I had this soap from Ruth lying around, but it was round, so I searched for and found a round pattern. Used some scraps of thread and a satin ribbon, and hey presto…Even if it isn’t as pretty as the ones my friends made. Unfortunately that’s a lesson that I never learned, that imitation is possible, but not always successful.

Here you go.

Yellow side Pink side

I am deliberately posting small pictures so you won’t see the wonkiness. Aren’t I clever?

And the specs. My Ravelry page is here.

Thread: Apna Anchor size 20

Hook: Pony handled steel hook 1.00mm. This is fast becoming my favourite thread hook.

Pattern: Round Soap Sachet by Priscilla Hewitt.

Time: A couple of hours. Seriously.

Size: 3″across

Extra #1 Nothing much. I’ve said it all.