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Ginger cables

A simple cabled hat also using magic looping.

10 cable hat

Specs, quickly, since it only took me a three-four hours to knit.

Yarn: The same Shepherd Cynthia Helene that I won from Nona when she was giving away some of her stash last year. Still some left over, which I’m hoping will make some socks or booties or mittens.

Needles: Denise #8/5mm with magic loop from this site. Nothing to it! Cabling with a needle, not without.

Pattern: Hey Julie’s pattern, the one with 10 cables. I preferred how it looked to the 5 cable one.

Time: 3-4 hours.

Size: 8.5″around (about 19″ circumference, which makes it giant-baby-head size, but that’s okay, I think. My friend can wear it otherwise. đŸ™‚

Extra: #1 Not much! Law & Order: SVU coming up, gotta run.

Here’s Teddy in the meantime.

Sweater and hat

5 thoughts on “Ginger cables

  1. That is awesome! Nice job!

  2. o very well done!

  3. Very nice!

  4. Hello there!! Well a while ago u asked about a crochet basket… I made with acrilic yarn and to make it ‘hard’ I used water and sugar lots of sugar then I let it air dry for a couple days!!! =)
    Kisses, Claudia

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