I tried a couple of different infant sock patterns, but even though they were knit, they appeared to use more yarn than I had left (I was knitting from opposite ends of the leftover skein). So I frogged and fell back on my favourite no-seam bootie pattern and would you believe it, I had just the right amount to weave in ends. I’m not totally happy, because crochet has a different look from knit and I wanted the set to be homogeneous 😦 With this worsted yarn it somehow doesn’t appeal. Anyway, here are the pictures and the specs.

Easy baby booties

Yarn: The same Shepherd Cynthia Helene that I won from Nona when she was giving away some of her stash last year.

Hook: Pony 4.5mm

Pattern: Darcy Richardson’s Newborn Booties

Time: Half-an-hour

Size: No idea. Hopefully they should fit at some point. Most probably, the three different parts of the set will fit the baby at three different points of time. Very odd.

Extra #1 Satin ribbon with tiny polka dots. No one said a boy baby can’t have polka dots. (Also, I didn’t think I’d find a matching shade of brown)

#2 Why do ribbons fold up when you thread them through the holes? I wish they didn’t.

#3 This is one set I wish I’d see pictures of in use. I never do, otherwise.

Here’s a picture with the ribbon in.

Easy baby bootie