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Blue? Turquoise?

Something. Another FO.Blue blanket

In an effort to finish things and see what can be gifted/mailed away before we move, I finished this blanket. As usual, here are the details:

Yarn: I’ve been told it is Lion Brand Woolease, by Cordelia, who gave it to me. (I think it might be the discontinued sportweight variety). I used three full skeins (with about 3 yards left over).

Hook: Clover Soft Touch F/4.00mm

Pattern: Pattern stitch for Block and Offset Shells from Harmony Guides. Mindless. Reversible but not upside-downable, because the top of the pattern scallops. Also, I didn’t do an edging. It didn’t appear to be necessary. (Plus I was too lazy to try and figure out how to unscallop the scallops for edging). So the baby gets a sorta symmetric pattern. Do you think he’ll care?

Time: I began this a month ago, but obviously it goes much faster than that. Around a week would be plenty.

Size: 41″ square (should be good for a toddler, right? And please, no one tell me it’s too hole-y)

Extra: #1 Quick and easy.

Up close and personal with the pattern stitch:

Blue baby blanket

The pattern is a multiple of 11 + 4 (plus 2 for the base chain). I made a mistake in the starting chain, but recovered by adding dcs (US) a la filet crochet. Now I need to pop it into the wash before packaging it. It’s been washed. Also, the same friend for whom this is intended tells me her next baby will also be a boy. How boring. I’m thinking I shall make something else for that baby too, and mail it to aunty (her mom) to take with her when she goes to the US. Might save on postage!

7 thoughts on “Blue? Turquoise?

  1. It’s beautiful (turquoise) and I love the stitch pattern!

  2. Very pretty!!!

  3. I like those offset shells, never seen them done that way before.

  4. very pretty indeed! i like woolease a lot.

  5. It’s was in fact discounted. Got it from a close out store called Tuesday Mornings. I bought it along with several three packs of cotton ease. I hope discounted isn’t an insult!!!! I buy me discounted all the time, and I like me for the most part!!!! Any news on the CT package?

  6. Discontinued, drats I do need to learn to read past the first three letters of a word.

  7. Could you please give instructions for the “block and cross shell stitch you mentioned” ? Thanks Peggy

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