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What’s the protocol?

One of my commentors asked me for the instructions for the block and offset shell pattern I used in my blue blanket. It is from the Harmony Guides. What’s the legality or otherwise of posting the stitch instructions on the net? It isn’t a pattern, but a stitch pattern.

And here for the curious, are the front and back covers of the Southmaid booklet I made my last doily from.


As you can see, the Berka shells doily is on the back cover (framed). The one at the bottom is a larger version, which I didn’t make since I wasn’t confident I had the time to finish it and get it framed.

No one has yet told me what a Berka shell is! Is Berka a name?

6 thoughts on “What’s the protocol?

  1. Supposedly, you can’t copyright a stitch, they are considered “public domain”-this is what I was told last year.

  2. I feel I may have solved the “Berka Shell” mystery. If I google “berka,” your blog is the #1 (i.e. “most relevant) hit. The other results are also finished doilies on blogs.

    So, what’s a Berka shell? A doily. A lace pattern. That’s the best I can find.

  3. Just the instructions for the stitch itself? I don’t see why not.

  4. I have no idea what “berka” means. I wonder if it’s related to “burka”?

  5. Well, Berka is certainly MY name.
    Bad Berka is a spa town in Germany near the Czech border– It looks like more of a Czech name than German to me because of the “ka” ending.

    Donna Berka

    1. Oh, do you suppose the doilies were named for the town, then?


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