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Pink and blue

There’s another wedding coming up this week, so I made another doily and got it framed. This is it before framing (and after impaling blocking).

Berka Shells doily

It’s been framed against an off-white background and with a dark brown frame. Maybe I will take pictures later. Some of the specs:

Thread: Red Heart 100% mercerised cotton from Madura Coats. Size 20, I should think. The balls give amazing yardage.
Hook: Nameless 1.75 mm steel, probably Pony (could be Tulip also)

Pattern: Berka Shell doily from Southmaid Timeless Doilies to Crochet. (Someone will please explain what a berka shell is.)

Time: A day or so.

Size: Forgot to measure it before framing. I might measure it before wrapping it.

Extra: #1 Quick and easy.

#2 I used Pony Pearlised pins to block this and found they didn’t rust! Yay! Normally when I leave my doilies to dry overnight, I find the pins have rusted. Of course these could just be slow rusters, but maybe not. I shall have to buy lots more of them. This was only a small doily, so I didn’t need too many.

#3 I seem to have found my thread mojo again. Actually I was planning to make a couple more to frame as gifts for the husband’s hospital/mess, but he told me they aren’t classy enough. Ah well. That’s put me in my place, proper, it ‘as.

9 thoughts on “Pink and blue

  1. It’s beautiful! You certainly have found your thread mojo again.

  2. That is very beautiful!-They’re gonna love it!

  3. Lovely doily. I use *quilting pins* for blocking. They are longer than most pins, have a little white bead at the top and don’t rust. I got mine at a store in the US that is quilt oriented but you might find them online.


  4. Very pretty!

  5. That really is a very pretty color. Nice work!

  6. Swapna,

    Its absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! I have to get busy and start making more doilies and framing them. If you find a doily with 12 flowers around the edge….you can put in clock works….and make the doily into a clock. They are stunning when done.


  7. OOOOO I love it!!!!Beautiful colour and very neatly done!!! I’m sure it will be treasured :)btw,where is the pattern from?

  8. Hi Swapna,
    Lovely dioly. Many years back I had gifted a framed doily to my friends mother who had shifted to their Pune home.She still has it up on the wall. So it makes a good and unusal gift.

  9. The doily is just lovely. I’m sorry that your husband and his co-workers aren’t classy enough to enjoy one. I KNOW he wasn’t implying that the doilies weren’t classy enough. The bright blue blanket is just lovely and will be perfect for a baby or a toddler to snuggle and nap with.

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