Not a party, sorry. Just this Trish Kristoffersen doily that I made to give a neighbour. She’s going to visit her sister in the US and I offered to make something for her to take. She asked for “something to put on the table”. I think this qualifies, don’t you?

Diamond landscape doily

Here are the specs:

Thread: DMC Baroque size 10. White.

Hook: 1.5 mm Tulip steel

Pattern: Diamond Landscape by Trish Kristoffersen, from Southmaid Masterpiece Doilies, Book 1411.

Time: A day.

Size: 13.3″ across from picot to picot.

Extra: #1 I used the thread weight recommended and the hook size recommended. Wow. At least it wasn’t the same thread brand.

#2 This was my third attempt after I tried an oval doily (the one on the cover) and another round one from the same booklet. The oval doily was ruffling. I kept at it to see if it would straighten out after a few rounds, but it didn’t, so I frogged it. The round doily had a bit of slip stitching to the required stitch, which I tried to do differently (join with ch, dc instead of ch 3), and then I got confused with what I’d done and where I was supposed to end up. Plus the thing was cupping slightly. I think I make my chains too tight. That would explain why the oval doily ruffled (because it starts with a base chain, obviously).

And here’s the salsa. With red capsicum, tomato and spring onions. Now I have to make something to eat it with.