IMG_2720_2Sorry for the horrible pictures, but the husband is taking my camera to work every day, which means I can only get pictures at night. So either I use the flash or I have blurry pictures. The good news, though is that he’s buying a much more powerful camera for his department, so soon I should have mine back. And then we’ll still have bad pictures things might change.

Well anyway, that there picture says I’ve finished the giant dishcloth aka the diagonal garter stitch eyelet border baby blanket, a more or less generic pattern from Lion Brand, which stalled when I ran out of yarn (ho hum, so what else is new), but then Iwillloveherforever Samantha stepped in and mailed me another skein, which got to me in record time, although I still fell short but I substituted a close lookalike and here it is!!! Teddy bear for scale. Here are a couple more bad pictures, just to get your goat (no clue what I’d do with it, but it’d still be fun to get it, doncha think?)


The thing is quite large and expanded a bit after a wash today. I shall pop it into a bag with some of the dishcloths I’ve been making for my SIL’s new baby (I haven’t been making the dishcloths for the baby, but the dishcloths could be used as washcloths or wipecloths on the baby. If you see what I mean :D).

If you click on the pictures you will see that in addition to its giant size in reality, I’ve loaded the pictures in large size as well.


Here are the specs:

Yarn: Lion Cotton in Natural 4 skeins and a bit of TLC Cotton Plus (to fill in the final shortage) in Cream. (Why does a Google search for TLC Cotton Plus-or other Coats and Clark yarns-lead me to third party sales sites and not to the manufacturer’s site? Very odd. I think they should work on their meta tags or something. Also, I find navigating through their refurbished site quite cumbersome and there don’t seem to be helpful links to patterns from the yarn pages. Bad website design.)

Needles: Denise size 7 circular. 3.75mm?

Pattern: Lion Brand
Time: A——-ges. But at least the baby is still a baby (less than a month old as we speak).

Size: 37.5″ square (That officially makes it my largest ever knitted object. Or even crocheted, I think. Wow.)

Extra: #1 The Lion Cotton seems to shed in the washing machine. I had to pick off lint from the blanket as well as the dishcloths. No idea why the lint collector in the machine didn’t work.

#2 I can’t remember now why on earth I chose this pattern. Just before finishing, I read in The Knitter’s Handbook that garter stitch progresses slower than stockinette. Too bad I didn’t realise that before I began the project. Of course, my reasoning would have been (a) knit knit knit no purl (b) freedom to decide size depending on yarn position (HA!) (c) knit takes up less yarn than crochet so I could get more mileage out of my stash (ha!)

#3 I like the sensation of the yarn-needle combination. Like butter. For both yarns. Maybe I should specialise in cotton only.

#4 The bestest part is, I now have a cable free!!! Amazingly all my Denise cables are in some project or other, so it’s wonderful to have one free. Yippee.

#5 No edging required!