Yarn/thread in Pune?

This is for any of my readers with experience of buying thread in Pune. One of my online crochet friends wants to know the prices of the following:

1)the cost of a 100gm ball of thread from RED HEART,  (size 20)

2) the cost of the Knitting cotton by ROSE (size 10 or 5-don’t know?)

3) the cost of ANCHOR 100gms (little thinner than the size 20)

She wants to know if she is paying a fair price where she buys them. “Jita” left a comment on my old Blogger blog telling me that Galaxy overcharges, but she didn’t leave me an email address or an alternative shop suggestion. So we’re looking for information. Anybody know where you get the best prices for thread in Pune? Please?


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  1. Is your friend *in* Pune or is she buying online from a store in Pune? If it’s the former, and I hope this isn’t too late, do ask her to go to the Tulshibaug area of Pune, where there are tons of crafts shops that sell thread, and Samrat Woollen House that has lots of wool, needles, etc. Samrat is pretty well known. I can’t confirm prices from here, but the area is not “chic” at all, and I doubt they will overcharge; they cater to a firmly thrifty middle class market. HTH!

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