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Sorry to be so vulgar, but I’ve finally finished my first adult knitted garment. The candy stripes cardigan is done and here it is:


Drop stitch cardigan front

And back:

Drop stitch cardigan back

Yarn: Acrylic from Shillong. Less than 600 gms both colours together.

Needles: Pony 3.75 mm and 4.5 mm straights (pattern calls for 4.5 and 5.00mm)

Pattern: Robin Wools sheet from Shillong (Rs 10 per sheet)

Time: Over 2 weeks

Size: Me!

Extra: #1 First-ever adult garment!

#2 Used the largest size number of stitches and worked it to my size measurements

#3 Read what Nona says about process vs product. I’m not sure I like the fit of this cardigan either, but I liked making it. And of course, I look nothing like this: :-p

7 thoughts on “Yeehaw!

  1. First: congratulations on completing your first adult wearable! As a newbie to crochet, I can’t yet claim the honor but I’m about to start work on my first KID wearable so we will see how that goes first. I love your pink stripes and I think your overall product looks great – on you! But I also found the question of process v. product intriguing and it is that conversation that often propels me forward with a project that I’m starting to question. Will I like the end product – maybe not – but I sure am enjoying the process. Once again, congratulations!

  2. Yeehaw is now vulgar?? Looks great and you should be proud!

  3. Looks awesome!!

  4. Nice job!! making clothes makes me nervous cause more times than not they don’t end up fitting right. You did it–way to go.

  5. Okay…I found you….and I’ll make the necessary changes so I don’t lose you again. Thanks! Love the clothes by the way.

  6. Awesome Swapna~ Well done!

  7. Great job with your first adult sweater. I’m glad you enjoyed the process — it’s why we knit/crochet — and I’m doubly glad you look nothing like the model 🙂

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