No bloodshed here (not yet anyway). I'm going in circles! Finally I'm doing something with one of the two circular needles (pairs?) I have.

I thought both were the same gauge, but one is 3.75 mm and the other is 3.25 mm, same length, though, 80 cm. Pony of course.

The beginning of the pattern has you doing a flat piece on the circs and being the novice that I am, I debated and googled and generally fretted for hours (aren't you supposed to have stockinette st when you use circular needles? Does this end go in this hand or the other? Can't I enlarge the pattern photo more to see if the bottom is maybe a garter st bottom?)

before deciding that when the pattern said:

Knit every row

it meant, quite surprisingly, to knit every row. So I got my flat piece of 30 garter stitch rows:

Self-lined bag

Then came the terrible struggle to pick up and knit sts along all the other 3 sides, but I did. Then a bit of research on the Magic Loop method (because of course the needle is longer than called for in the pattern) and a brash assumption that I understood what I needed to do, and here we go:

Self-lined bag

Except for my epic struggles involving strange muscles in my wrists and calluses on my left fingertip, there is nothing outstanding about this pattern at all. A nice ordinary (think Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady) pattern, the prime attraction of which was that it proclaimed itself "self-lined". (Imagine, no fiddly sewing needles and thread and ghosts of unfinished bags hanging over me).

The pattern link is here. (You might have to sign in/log on/register, I'm afraid).

Yes, the pattern calls for a 4.5 mm circular needle, but you see my problem? I don't have any!