Or why India s##ks in services.

You know those famous “Surina” wooden knitting needles and hooks? Well, googling and research led me to their Indian manufacturers’ website, and I dashed off an email, enquiring nicely if I could buy their stuff here in India. How nicely, you ask? Well, like this:

I found your website via someindianbusinesssite.com. I am very interested to know if I can buy the wooden crochet hooks and knitting needles that you sell (both straight and circular, in all sizes) here in India (I live in Visakhapatnam, AP). What would be the price?
Thank you for the information.
Mrs Fife

And this is the answer I get:

From: DHL INDIA EXPORTS<dhlindiaexport@yahoo.co.in>

Please dont sent again!!!

Is this how India does business?! I’m speechless with fury irritation frustration bewilderment total shock.

On the other hand, the man could have written back politely:

Dear Mrs Fife,

We are extremely sorry, but we much prefer nice green $$ notes and euros and pounds. We detest talking to or doing business with people in our own country *shudder*. Please refrain from bothering us with such frivolous queries.

Thank you kindly,

Poorly-etiquetted responder


Dear Mrs Fife,

Someone has obviously stolen our email ID. We do not now, have ever in the past or in the future intend touching such products with a 40-foot bargepole (not Surina wood). Please do not disturb our peace by enquiring about them.

Thank you kindly,

Badly-educated responder

So, how am I to take the mail? Opinions please!