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Been framed!

Amethyst doily framed

For the first time ever, I framed one of my doilies. This was the Amethyst doily from Kathy‘s birthstone series. This went as a housewarming present to someone who is also a crocheter, so hopefully she’ll value it. Another housewarming present was the mammoth Ruby Dreams (unframed), and it seemed to be appreciated, though I’m always unsure about my presents…
The framing cost Rs 160/- and the background is cream/off-white handmade paper. Posted by Picasa

6 thoughts on “Been framed!

  1. Lovely!

  2. Looks nice .

  3. Swapna that is truly beautiful! And a lovely idea….

  4. That is such a beautiful doily, I love Kathy’s patterns. And it looks great in that frame.

  5. wow – that looks great framed and hung on the diagonal that way!

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