Why does it take so long to load the edit page that I forget what I wanted to blog about?

Anyway, those of you who also use Blogger/Blogspot what improvements/features would you like to see? I'm just curious, you know. I'd like:

1. Smilies! I miss those from C'ville and Yahoo Messenger
2. Faster loading of the edit/create post page

Let me hear from you!

Sheila, have you tried using the "Compose" link on the edit box, rather than the "edit Html"? I discovered it recently and have been playing with the fonts (and colours and highlighting). Even that isn't strictly WYSIWYG, though. I totally agree with you on wanting an easier way to add links and stuff. I wish they'd have a "drag-and-drop" editor for the template. Fishing around in all that html makes me nervous!