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Dang blogger…

Why does it take so long to load the edit page that I forget what I wanted to blog about?

Anyway, those of you who also use Blogger/Blogspot what improvements/features would you like to see? I'm just curious, you know. I'd like:

1. Smilies! I miss those from C'ville and Yahoo Messenger
2. Faster loading of the edit/create post page

Let me hear from you!

Sheila, have you tried using the "Compose" link on the edit box, rather than the "edit Html"? I discovered it recently and have been playing with the fonts (and colours and highlighting). Even that isn't strictly WYSIWYG, though. I totally agree with you on wanting an easier way to add links and stuff. I wish they'd have a "drag-and-drop" editor for the template. Fishing around in all that html makes me nervous!

4 thoughts on “Dang blogger…

  1. 3. The ability to block certain IP addresses.
    4. The ability to make some posts private (some services offer that, or you can make it so only certain members can read the posts).
    5. Easier way of adding links and customizing the background without having to get into the template.
    6. Are you sorry you asked yet?
    7. More fonts.
    8. That the font I choose when I write an entry would be the one that shows up when I save.
    9. Whew! I think that’s it!!!

  2. You and Sheila have said it all!!!!

  3. I will give the compose method a try. I’m like you though – dabbling in CSS code (regular HTML doesn’t scare me so much) makes me nervous.

    And thank you Raquel!

  4. Another thing I’d love is an improvement when it comes to loading and dealing with pics. I hate that you can’t place a pic right where the cursor it sitting. Instead it puts the pic right at the top, messing up everything else that’s already there. ARG!

    Also, cleaner html in the template. My techie husband rolls his eyes whenever he looks at it. So many people have a hard time dealing with their template because they can’t decipher what they’re looking at.

    (I hope someone at blogger will read your post!)

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