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Commenting on comments

The topic of blog-commenting (blommenting? clogging? blenting? bleating…no, that doesn’t sound right) seems to be a popular one and itself rouses a lot of reactions. I thought I’d paste here what some very eminent bloggers had to say to my post: (Notice my name-dropping)

ladylinoleum said…

I think that this is a great topic! I love to get comments and leave comments. At first I didn’t know if it was “okay” to leave a comment on the blog of someone I knew only thru reading their posts, but I took the leap and there’s been no turning back.

11:17 PM, June 28, 2005

Sara said…


I was the same way when I first entered blogland. I didn’t want to comment for fear of appearing pushy etc. I felt like maybe it was an invasion of privacy (duh Hell-oo, it is a public diary!) Anyway, I leapt as well, how else does one make friends via computer? (or anywhere for that matter)

10:15 AM, June 29, 2005

CraftyCritter said…

I agree with both Regina and Sara…I’ve been reading blogs much longer than Ive been leaving comments! However I still sometimes just visit and dont feel the “need” to comment at each and every one of the new entries. I find I only comment tho on those blogs where I get a feel for “having something in common” or those the totally inspire and amaze me..I probably comment on 1 blog a day average and I visit about 20 a day regularly.

11:09 PM, June 29, 2005

~drew emborsky~ said…

I leave comments everywhere I go, even if it’s just a “great blog”. I love getting comments and I know everyone else does too!

I also love to visit everyone that leaves a comment on my blog. I feel very connected with the whole world now. Woo hoo HOO!

Great blog, btw! 😉

2:22 AM, June 30, 2005

4 thoughts on “Commenting on comments

  1. Love Drew…and yes, he always leaves a comment on my blog, even when I think, no one is going to say anything about this post because it is boring, dumb, etc.

  2. KEWL! I’ve been quoted! Have to laugh at Ladyli’s comment…I could just imagine some oaf

    This post is boring, dumb, etc.”

    LMBO about “bleating”

  3. WOW…quoted and everything! I really must start spell checking before hitting “publish”…Boring to you Regina probably is fasinating to someone else, seeing as how your brain functions, ummm well differently….but in a good way!!! ::::looks around for Sup’ah Fly:::: Swapna ,I feel, will be more selective of who she quotes from now on…LOL Very good poll though!

  4. Talking about bleating, I thought of a new word for commenting on blogs…blonting…

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