Cat fix

I suppose everyone knows about this, but I had to blog about it because it gives me so much pleasure…

You can subscribe to cat pictures on Flickr using Bloglines/Blogroll/whatever RSS, XML or Atom feed reader you use. I get my daily cat fix from this, since I am allergic to cats and cannot get any closer to them than this. Sniff.
I also subscribe to crochet pics on Flickr so I can see what other crocheters (non-bloggers, sometimes) are upto.


  1. Thank you!!!!!!!! I didn’t know about this and now I can get a daily fix, too. Although my 4 give me a daily fix every morning demanding food! 🙂

  2. Hi!

    I found this when googling for phrases matching the name of my blog. I’m the lucky partner of a nice cat and thought of offering some public service posting photos and writing about life with him, exactly for people who cannot have their own cat.

    You’re welcome to visit us at

    all the best,


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