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Wishing all my blogdom friends a happy and fulfilling 2006!

I’ve uploaded some pictures from our trip to the million-year-old Borra caves over at my photoblog, Misfit Travels. Do take a look.

I suppose everyone knows about this, but I had to blog about it because it gives me so much pleasure…

You can subscribe to cat pictures on Flickr using Bloglines/Blogroll/whatever RSS, XML or Atom feed reader you use. I get my daily cat fix from this, since I am allergic to cats and cannot get any closer to them than this. Sniff.
I also subscribe to crochet pics on Flickr so I can see what other crocheters (non-bloggers, sometimes) are upto.

I’ve put up some pictures from our Orissa trip over at my new photoblog, Misfit Travels. Check them out sometime.

Guess what? Glorious sunset!

My other favourite pastime: spotting howlers.

Interesting! Maybe I can call it abstract art or something. 😀

Update: Kimberley suggested I should call this photo “Old friends abandoned”. Thanks! Now I know my blog does get read occasionally **Big grin**

Flowers by the roadside – Does anyone know which ones they are? (No, this is not a quiz)

Glorious sunset

PDC (Post Digital Camera!) I decided to clean up some of my older pics that were from scans, and simultaneously add to the pattern links, so now my blog is in some sort of shape. Will have to do it again I suppose before I cover all my projects.

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