Sad poll

It’s ok. I forgive everyone…I guess all of you were away for the long weekend or something. So only 7 voters cast their votes. However, since I held the poll, I am giving the results below:

When someone comments on your blog, do you

Return the favour by commenting on theirs 2 (28%)
Send them email 0 (0%)
Quote their comments in your post 0 (0%)
Do all the above 1 (14%)
Do any two of the above 4 (57%)
Never bother to check for comments at all 0 (0%)

Total votes: 7

1 person actually does all of commenting, emailing and quoting, but the majority go for any 2 options. Everybody checks for comments (a no-brainer).


Let’s see if I can come up with a more interesting poll this time.



  1. So sorry – I was travelling back to Belgium this weekend and then suffered from a case of jet lag (every time I come back it seems to get worse and worse…hmm – manybe a sign I should move back to the US??) I promise to vote in the next pole though! 🙂

  2. I think I didn’t vote because the options didn’t really describe what I do. If it doesn’t matter that the commenter sees my reply, I reply in the comments section… that way I keep continuity of the thread. If I want to make a personal response, and have their e-mail, I send them a response by e-mail. (Sometimes I put a copy of my response in the comment section too.) If it’s a question I think lots of people would like to see the answer too, and is too “important”/big for a comment, I make a special post out of it.

    I wish blogger had a comment feature more like LiveJournal, where you can comment specifically on somone else’s comment, and it will notify them, and have special indentation, etc.

  3. Well, I missed the poll but I respond via e-mail if I have an e-mail address. Otherwise, I visit the blog and comment. I generally don’t reply in the comment section.

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