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Sad poll

It’s ok. I forgive everyone…I guess all of you were away for the long weekend or something. So only 7 voters cast their votes. However, since I held the poll, I am giving the results below:

When someone comments on your blog, do you

Return the favour by commenting on theirs 2 (28%)
Send them email 0 (0%)
Quote their comments in your post 0 (0%)
Do all the above 1 (14%)
Do any two of the above 4 (57%)
Never bother to check for comments at all 0 (0%)

Total votes: 7

1 person actually does all of commenting, emailing and quoting, but the majority go for any 2 options. Everybody checks for comments (a no-brainer).


Let’s see if I can come up with a more interesting poll this time.

5 thoughts on “Sad poll

  1. So sorry – I was travelling back to Belgium this weekend and then suffered from a case of jet lag (every time I come back it seems to get worse and worse…hmm – manybe a sign I should move back to the US??) I promise to vote in the next pole though! 🙂

  2. I think I didn’t vote because the options didn’t really describe what I do. If it doesn’t matter that the commenter sees my reply, I reply in the comments section… that way I keep continuity of the thread. If I want to make a personal response, and have their e-mail, I send them a response by e-mail. (Sometimes I put a copy of my response in the comment section too.) If it’s a question I think lots of people would like to see the answer too, and is too “important”/big for a comment, I make a special post out of it.

    I wish blogger had a comment feature more like LiveJournal, where you can comment specifically on somone else’s comment, and it will notify them, and have special indentation, etc.

  3. That’s ok…Am still unable to think of a nice new interesting poll…
    I wish Blogger had a better interface for comments, too!

  4. I was wondering where the new poll was. 😉

  5. Well, I missed the poll but I respond via e-mail if I have an e-mail address. Otherwise, I visit the blog and comment. I generally don’t reply in the comment section.

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