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Pinwheel placemat

Pinwheel doily

I’ve searched the net, but it appears The Potholder Lady has gone into cyber-hibernation and now only be found in archives. Scroll down the page for a peep at her original Pinwheel Placemat, but no pattern. Sorry! 🙁
If anybody stumbles across TPL again, please let me know.

ETA March 30 2008: Even webarchive no longer has The PotHolder Lady’s site. Which is a great pity. She had some lovely patterns.

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Some of my crochet projects

As you may realise, I don’t have a digital camera. So I use my scanner to scan pictures of some of my crochet. It’s very limiting, especially when the product is larger than the scanner can accommodate. Now you know why a digital camera is top of my wishlist!
Some day soon, I will link to the pattern files for each of these items. Meanwhile, if you recognise something, please let me know.