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Pinwheel doily

I’ve searched the net, but it appears The Potholder Lady has gone into cyber-hibernation and now only be found in archives. Scroll down the page for a peep at her original Pinwheel Placemat, but no pattern. Sorry! 😦
If anybody stumbles across TPL again, please let me know.

ETA March 30 2008: Even webarchive no longer has The PotHolder Lady’s site. Which is a great pity. She had some lovely patterns.

Link not found.

Small yarn doily

As you may realise, I don’t have a digital camera. So I use my scanner to scan pictures of some of my crochet. It’s very limiting, especially when the product is larger than the scanner can accommodate. Now you know why a digital camera is top of my wishlist!
Some day soon, I will link to the pattern files for each of these items. Meanwhile, if you recognise something, please let me know.

Star coaster with nylon(?)

Haven’t found the link to the pattern yet.

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