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I’ve been tagged for a meme I haven’t seen before on a knit/crochet blog (not the ones I read, anyway) by Deepa, so here goes.

Three other names I go by: Wet Blanket, Princess (not in a nice way, said by the husband) and Mucchu (by my mom, for being, well, a wet blanket!)

Three screen-names: MrsFife/Dormouse/swapnae

Things I like about myself: My brain (mind?) most of the time.

Things I don’t like about myself: How about everything else?

Things that scare me: Lizards *shudder*

Scared about: Lizards *double shudder*

Hobby: Knit/crochet/read/surf

I catch myself stealing: glances at confident people

Something that gives me the creeps: Liz… oh, you know what!

About me: I’m vague (sorry, Deepa!) šŸ˜€

Bungee jumped? Would love to!

Food: Predominantly vegetarian, all sorts of cuisine, but please leave out the smelly oils.

I like to read: Murder mysteries, especially British. Also police procedurals, the kind Americans specialise in. And travelogues. The husband always refers me to any manuals that come with whatever we buy, (a) because he can’t be bothered (b) because I like to know things.

Emotional: I don’t understand this, but I should reply “VERY!

I strongly detest: Inconsistent behaviour

I regret: too many things to mention

I love: chocolatecats (both chocolate and cats, not a new breed of cats or type of chocolate)

Intuition is: sometimes right

Three essentials: Books, Internet, sleep

I believe: Religion should never be a social activity

Funny thing you read today: Somebody came to my blog looking for a “murderer with a canvas in Italy”. Now that’s a story I’d love to find out more about!

Thing I want to do badly now: Achieve some GOALS! (Which ones? Well, having goals would be one)

Dream Career: Being paid to nitpick (hey, I am a copy editor!!!)

I want to go on vacation to: England and the rest of Europe, also Egypt.

I want to visit: Um, anyone with a few cats? And also any place they let you play with tiger cubs.

Three girl names I like: (Why?) I like the names of ragas and of things in nature.

A song you sing a lot lately: Kondalalo nelakonna (by Annamacharya)

Are you happy this ended: er…

Me tagging:

Let’s see. How about some real people for a change? Okay, I’ll tag Kimberley and Vik!

Julie has a sort-of-meme going about where she learnt knitting and when and what she did with it. Here’s my story.

I sort of learnt to knit from my mother while in school (class 6 or something). We had a subject called Craft and we did one of everything for that. That’s where I learnt crochet (my mom can’t crochet). There were assorted embroidery and sewing projects and things made with crepe paper, ribbon, spangles, plastic dolls and umbrella frames (not the lifesize ones, there used to be smaller toy size ones – I always think, ‘What a bonanza for the small shop near the school gates where we always bought these things!’) and things with sponge and cardboard and matty cloth and embroidery floss and yarn…you get the idea. Anyway, in one of the classes we were supposed to make baby booties. In actual fact, my mom made them for me, from the Fleisher’s book I referred to in my last post, in a nice shade of yellow. I wonder what happened to them. I’ve made the same ones since at least a couple of times.

After school, I didn’t knit much until I reached JNU in Delhi and had the cooler winters. Plus my sister had a baby (my niece). So I got the Fleisher’s and needles from my mom, and bought my yarn in Munirka and made a drop stitch shrug which was supposed to be for a toddler or older child, but given my materials, turned out ok for a baby. That might also have been the time I made the cardigan I showed in my last post. Or wait, I think I made the cardigan first, and then when my mom went for my nephew’s birth I made the drop stitch shrug. Shrug. My sister alleges I made my nephew another sweater, in grey and white, but I can’t remember. As I increasingly feel, my brain is turning to mush. I am not able to remember what I did less than 10 years ago.

Apparently I also made a sweater for a cousin’s baby. There was also this horrendous (with the benefit of hindsight) yarn that I bought to try and make something for myself. One product of that was a bulky vest (I doubled the yarn and shrunk the needles to what I had available). I shall dig it up one of these days for a bad photo shoot.

Then I took a hiatus again from knitting, but stayed with crochet in Bombay, turning out lots of doilies and runners and things, including a set for a neighbour’s new baby (actually that was a knit set, again from Fleisher’s). But in Bombay I also had the distraction of libraries, so I had other avocations, as my mom would say.

We came to Vizag in October 2004 and finding precious few sources of books here, I’ve taken up knitting and crochet with a vengeance, and been building my yarn and pattern stash madly. Also this blog. Here ends the first lesson.

Seeing as this is such a dull and pictureless post, I shall direct you to this YouTube video I was sent to by Debbie. (I tried embedding the video here, but my credit with the WordPress guys doesn’t extend that far). Enjoy! It’s a good thing we have a slow internet connection, or I’d spend all my time watching other people’s cats. Thank you Debbie, it cheered me up.

ETA: Trying embedding this again.

ETA!!!: I misguidedly and mistakenly have given the impression that the video above is mine. I must beg everyone to please forgive me, the video belongs fully to its creator, TerriShea at YouTube. I’m sorry for the deception, but regular readers will know I have little compunction about “stealing” cats! This will get me into serious trouble one day. (Not that I don’t wish this particular kitten was mine… and a million others).

Deepa tagged me a few days ago, and I’m just now getting to it. Sorry, Deepa!

I have vague memories of doing this meme a few months ago, but am too lazy to go dig around in the archives, and moreover, it wouldn’t be in the spirit of things…

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Market research executive
2. Freelance feature writer
3. Consultant (!!!) copy/sub editor
4. Wet blanket

B) Four movies I would watch over and over (I’m not a big movie fan, actually…):
1. Chupke chupke
2. Saptapadi
3. Vamsa vriksham
4. Maqbool

C) Four places I have lived:
1. Hyderabad
2. New Delhi
3. Bombay
4. Visakhapatnam

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. CSI
2. Law and Order: Special victims unit
3. Other People’s Houses
4. Instant Khichdi

E) I have been on vacation:
1. Mount Abu and Udaipur
2. Bhedaghat Falls, Bhopal, Pachhmarhi
3. Darjeeling and Gangtok
4. Shillong and Guwahati

F) Websites visited daily:
1. Gmail
2. Yahoo! mail
3. Google Reader
4. Macbytes

G) Four of my favorite foods (we are not a healthy eater, are we?):
1. Puri-sabji/Chole-Bhature
2. Walnuts (they are a food, aren’t they?)
3. Curd rice with pickle (comfort food!!!)
4. Potato fry

H) Four places I would rather be right now (I’d be just the same misery wherever I was!):
1. In a world where I would have done so many things so differently
2. With cats

I) Four people Iā€™m tagging with this questionnaire:
1. You there, behind the potted palm
2. Reader #1.46
3. Accidental googler – yes, that means you!
4. Caught you!

And now I go back to manfully (womanfully?) ploughing through the thousands of blog posts in my Google Reader…Just managed to catch up with my mails. Crochet Partners is always the most prolific. And then I’ll have to get back to knittyboard, not to mention Crochetville. Sigh. (You notice I’m being too lazy to even bother linking to any of these places.)

Don’t you think “blighted ovum” sounds like “sainted aunt” or something faintly biblical? I think I prefer the Wodehousian “Cursed Eggs” better. We’ve been down this path before and it is a bit tedious to be doing it again within 10 months. Frankly, I hadn’t heard of blighted ova before I had my first one and although I do collect trivia and other useless information, I’d have preferred not to be bothered with this little tidbit. Wouldn’t you?

“Blighted” also gives me an itch to make symbolic comparisons with marriage, life, dreams…Oh the associations!

The good part, though? I’ve had my mom fly down to be with me while I kick and scream so I should brush through this fairly handily, hopefully. And I don’t have to cook or heat my own hot water bottle (although the husband does that fairly handily, too). Yay!

Turning comments off, so it won’t look too much like a self-pity-cum-whining post. (Ha!)

Oh and I’m currently reading The Aunt’s Story by Patrick White (no relation to the sainted aunt, by the way). I’m out of touch with literature, being recently more immersed in the shoot-and-run genre. But I’m muddling through.

We shall be back with cheer shortly (might be pretty quickly, too, if the last time is anything to go by). Ta-ta!

My Personality







Openness To Experience








And now it’s been confirmed. I am an introverted neurotic who is totally without conscience.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

She was fine until she found the internet. And then worse, the b l o g s and the f o r u m s (f o r a). Now she’s going to drown (she’s quite short and you can drown in two inches, don’t you know) in furrin yarns and she HASN’T A CLUE what to ask for!!!

She is scared.

She won a contest or two, got to pick from a stash giveaway, found some nice people to swap with (which adds another million reasons to be scared: package not arriving, package not intact, package contents do not please and so on). She was the very lucky recipient of the random kindness of a total stranger who took time out from moving house to send her not just the metal needles she unashamedly begged for but also enough alpaca for a baby blanket, her first-ever sock yarn, and two books that she’s heard about.

She is humbled.

She thought heaven was when you had your own yarn winder and interchangeables…

When someone asks her, what would you like for me to get for you, she wonders if it would be polite to say “Your LYS, please”.

She is bemused.

Multidirectional scarf

She is knitting this because she had the yarn (acrylic, too little for most things and most of the babies she knows are boys anyway) and the needles and likes the monotony of garter stitch and the magic of short rows. But she will most probably unknit it again because what’s the fun in a single-coloured multidirectional scarf anyway?

She is directionless.

about the outcome, but I really loved taking this quiz. And here is my result:

I am the Atacama Desert!
Which Extremity of the World Are You?
From the towering colossi at Rum and Monkey.

I suppose I am a bit dry šŸ˜‰

Yes, I’ve let my profession (no, *not* couch potato) of copyediting spill over into my blogreading world, and I’ve just gone and been nasty to a friend. I know, I’m beyond help.

*hangs head in shame*

Deneen tagged me last week for this, but as I was just leaving on a short trip to Chilika, I couldn’t do the meme (is that what you say, do the meme? complete the meme? fulfil the meme?). But I’m back now and here it is:

6 weird things/habits about myself…(well most of me is weird, how on earth do I reduce it to just 6?!)

1. I hate to speak before I brush my teeth in the morning. So as soon as I am vertical, I have to brush, else no words out of me till I do. Even if it’s an early morning train I disembark from, and need to travel home to use the bathroom.

2. I *love* being the first to use soap/open new toothpaste/try the crossword. Even if the soap is a brand I’ve used before.
3.Ā  Even in the hottest weather I have to have a sheet to cover myself, or at least my ears. (I believe things can fall into my ears otherwise and I’m particularly terrified of lizards) *shudder*

4. It is one of my life’s ambitions to hold/play with a tiger cub, or a lion cub, in a pinch will do.

5. I was born with no eyebrows but a head full of hair, about 6 inches long. My eyebrows are quite healthy now.
6.Ā  I sleep when I am tense or depressed. This means I can sleep in a car that I think is being driven too fast!!!

I don’t know…Deneen, for some reason I can’t seem to access the comments on your blog, so I’m hoping you read my response here.

6 people to tag?! Hmm. No obligation for you to do it, but I’m tagging







go on, try and weird me out!

I was mightily relieved to see this picture on my knitting feed from Flickr. Not only are the colours gorgeous, there is yellow!!! I’ve been secretly worried since The Subway Knitter began her bee baby outfit, because the colours are supposed to be yellow and sage and all I could see were a pale beige and grey. I said as much in a comment when I first saw pics of the yarn, and had my wrist slapped for it šŸ˜›

Now that I’ve seen this picture, I’m happy to report the yellow looks like yellow. You can’t imagine my relief. It must be some freak with Apple and LCDs and whatnot.

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