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murderer with a canvas in italy

I’ve been tagged for a meme I haven’t seen before on a knit/crochet blog (not the ones I read, anyway) by Deepa, so here goes.

Three other names I go by: Wet Blanket, Princess (not in a nice way, said by the husband) and Mucchu (by my mom, for being, well, a wet blanket!)

Three screen-names: MrsFife/Dormouse/swapnae

Things I like about myself: My brain (mind?) most of the time.

Things I don’t like about myself: How about everything else?

Things that scare me: Lizards *shudder*

Scared about: Lizards *double shudder*

Hobby: Knit/crochet/read/surf

I catch myself stealing: glances at confident people

Something that gives me the creeps: Liz… oh, you know what!

About me: I’m vague (sorry, Deepa!) 😀

Bungee jumped? Would love to!

Food: Predominantly vegetarian, all sorts of cuisine, but please leave out the smelly oils.

I like to read: Murder mysteries, especially British. Also police procedurals, the kind Americans specialise in. And travelogues. The husband always refers me to any manuals that come with whatever we buy, (a) because he can’t be bothered (b) because I like to know things.

Emotional: I don’t understand this, but I should reply “VERY!

I strongly detest: Inconsistent behaviour

I regret: too many things to mention

I love: chocolatecats (both chocolate and cats, not a new breed of cats or type of chocolate)

Intuition is: sometimes right

Three essentials: Books, Internet, sleep

I believe: Religion should never be a social activity

Funny thing you read today: Somebody came to my blog looking for a “murderer with a canvas in Italy”. Now that’s a story I’d love to find out more about!

Thing I want to do badly now: Achieve some GOALS! (Which ones? Well, having goals would be one)

Dream Career: Being paid to nitpick (hey, I am a copy editor!!!)

I want to go on vacation to: England and the rest of Europe, also Egypt.

I want to visit: Um, anyone with a few cats? And also any place they let you play with tiger cubs.

Three girl names I like: (Why?) I like the names of ragas and of things in nature.

A song you sing a lot lately: Kondalalo nelakonna (by Annamacharya)

Are you happy this ended: er…

Me tagging:

Let’s see. How about some real people for a change? Okay, I’ll tag Kimberley and Vik!

2 thoughts on “murderer with a canvas in italy

  1. Have you tried the ‘In Death’ mysteries by J D Robb? The first one is “Naked in Death” and they’re half sci-fi and half police procedural (they’re set in New York City in the year 2057). You might like them. We seem to enjoy the same books and I like them (for what that’s worth).

    Otherwise, very interesting!

  2. Thanks for the tag! I’ll be sure to get to it! Enjoyed reading yours!

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