Don’t you think “blighted ovum” sounds like “sainted aunt” or something faintly biblical? I think I prefer the Wodehousian “Cursed Eggs” better. We’ve been down this path before and it is a bit tedious to be doing it again within 10 months. Frankly, I hadn’t heard of blighted ova before I had my first one and although I do collect trivia and other useless information, I’d have preferred not to be bothered with this little tidbit. Wouldn’t you?

“Blighted” also gives me an itch to make symbolic comparisons with marriage, life, dreams…Oh the associations!

The good part, though? I’ve had my mom fly down to be with me while I kick and scream so I should brush through this fairly handily, hopefully. And I don’t have to cook or heat my own hot water bottle (although the husband does that fairly handily, too). Yay!

Turning comments off, so it won’t look too much like a self-pity-cum-whining post. (Ha!)

Oh and I’m currently reading The Aunt’s Story by Patrick White (no relation to the sainted aunt, by the way). I’m out of touch with literature, being recently more immersed in the shoot-and-run genre. But I’m muddling through.

We shall be back with cheer shortly (might be pretty quickly, too, if the last time is anything to go by). Ta-ta!