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Another book bites the dust!

This time it was this one by Connie Willis.


Normally I am not a science fiction fan but I really needed a book. It was fun, very British (Willis is American), Wodehousean. But reading the blurbs of her other books, I’m not sure I’d read them. I’m not into science fiction (did I say that already?) Now I am once again new-book-less, except the Oxford Dictionary of Biography. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Another book bites the dust!

  1. Oh, I loved that one!! A friend recommended it — I had to read a German translation, but was lucky to have found it at all.

  2. You could try “Kushiel’s Dart” by Jaqueline Carey. It’s what they call ‘historic fantasy’, a genre I don’t go for myself, usually. But it’s a fun book. And there are two more in the series after that.

    Warning – there seems to be a love/hate reaction to the book, and if your reaction is love, you will be up all night reading, and out at book stores at strange hours of the day and night to get the sequels, and then up all night reading again.

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